The transformation occurs beyond the known limits.



CLEARNESS TRAVEL It is a different experience that we become Travellers integrating the external trip and the inner journey in places unique and inspiring.

We offer itineraries in which Open the mind, beyond the limits of the everyday and learn more, know more than world and ourselves. Find new places, people, smells and tastes, It allows expand our gaze, our perspective Y reveal parts of us that are not usually manifest, deeply approaching our true identity, who we are and our domestic welfare, better understanding what affects us in life.

En CLEARNESS TRAVEL, we are going to to explore, for a few days, unique and iconic destinations where finding also the clarity Y self-knowledge, understanding how our automatic thought separates us from our best ideas, and understanding better functioning of the mind and human operating system. As you dig deeper into this understanding, mayor clarity it will unfold in you.

Combined stages times when explore he chosen location for the trip, with talks, in format taller, and sessions coaching, which allow you to reflect on the experiences, recognize in you new looks Y new ideas, and feel the Connection with other places and people, beyond the everyday obstacles and blockades that separate you from your objectives vital.

And all this enjoying a specially designed itinerary re-connect with you.

You can recognize your own way once you're in it, as, suddenly, You have more energy and imagination that you could possibly need

Jerry Gillies



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