Training in 3 Principios de Sydney Banks.

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What is Clearness ACADEMY 3P?

"Wisdom is not learned, It unfolds in consciousness”.

Sydney Banks


CLEARNESS ACADEMY 3P born as above proposal for Spanish-speaking knowledge, dissemination and research of the "Three Principles of Syd Banks", a simple and yet profound explanation of the workings of our mind and the creation of our human experience that has enabled thousands of people display their innate wisdom and ability of well-being and resilience.

A principle is a constant, a universal and impersonal law that governs and conditions our world, such as the severity. Gravity is constant and impersonal, because it affects everyone equally, and it works before, during and after our existence. Understand the laws we do not see, but they condition our world makes us to be more effective in.

"Three Principles" or fundamental psychological laws were enunciated by Sydney Banks, and answer two questions that underlie hundreds of philosophical, psychological and scientific: How does the mind? Y Who you are? Explore these two dimensions, and focus his eyes in the direction that mark the Three Principles, He has achieved a real transformation for over thirty years in different fields such as enterprise, health, education and life in general.

In the ACADEMY 3P experiences to develop understanding and integration of these principles in all aspects of life: Innovation and enterprise, personal and professional development, coaching and support, etc., counting with two programs:



This is our vision. This is our mission. CLEARNESS ACADEMY 3P.

Who is it for?

You are or you like to be coach, facilitator, therapist, the educator. Or do you want to create in your environment a new space of clarity and wellness, accelerating the connection and the growth of people participating in it. Or just want to delve into Clearness to deploy your potential and innate wisdom.


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Ask us what you want no strings attached, We are happy to assist 🙂