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In 2015 we started our CLEARNESS® adventure, a profound transformational program (residential, non-residential, and online) that has already been visited by over 800+ participants arriving from Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Germany. The essence of this unique approach is based on traditional SCIENCE, PSYCHOLOGY, PHILOSOPHY, and on ancient EASTERN TRADITIONS such as BUDDHISM, TAOISM, SUFISM, and HINDUISM. It is also based on the great sages’ profound teachings such as Shri Atmananda, Ramana Maharshi, and Nisargadatta Maharaj.

CLEARNESS® drives the path that finds your way out of the trap of suffering back into your innate well-being, resilience, and wisdom. Throughout this profound journey, you will recognize, unveil and understand the guiding principles behind your life experience and true nature. Out from that understanding derives everything else: decisions, actions and relations.

These guiding principles are the very North Star that will unleash your life, limitless, from the inside-out.

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

T.S Elliot

The Challenge

At some point, or at many points in our lives, we’re bound to go through a struggle of some sort. Losing a job, financial problems, a bad breakup, or a bad week where just about everything goes wrong. Whatever the case, the subsequent stress definitely takes a toll on you and can cost you more than you bargained for if you don’t keep your head in the right place. There are many signposts: 

Lacking energy , feeling tired or exhausted all the time.

Experiencing 'brain fog', find it hard to think clearly or finding it hard to concentrate.

Finding it hard to cope with everyday things and tasks or experiencing 'burn out’.

Not wanting to talk to or be with people or not wanting to do things you usually enjoy.

The Outcome

We innocently try to solve our deep-rooted problems and challenges with a rational approach.  It doesn’t work. In this unparalleled journey, we guide you through a profound experience for the mind to return to its natural position beyond its conditioning.  The perfume that emanates from that innate state is peace, well-being, wisdom, silence, and love. CLEARNESS®, in short, places you into a renewed internal position from which to live, decide, relate and act. In a just 48-hours-retreat, you will be able to change the game and live the life you ever dreamed of: YOUR LIFE.

You will, absolutely, break mental barriers and limiting beliefs increasing your security, responsiveness and self-confidence.

You will find within yourself new resources for energy, connection and innate wisdom.

You will uncover the secrets of your innate resilience unleashing your profound wellbeing and freedom.

You will increase your presence state. hear what is being said more deeply. and be more alert and connected with others.

Getting There

CLEARNESS® is a 48 hours well-structured educational journey that facilitates a precise understanding of the human experience. We will  guide you through four specific stages:

Objective-scientific stage©

Understanding human evolution and the biological purpose and functioning of the brain.

Subjective-psychological stage©

Understanding our psychological functioning and our deep-rooted human conditioning.

Constructed-existential stage©

Understanding the mechanics of the mind and the inside-out nature of human experience.

Illusory-essential stage©

Understanding our true nature and the core foundation of our beingness.

Each milestone is a holon that essentially describes a different point-of-view of your life experience. Each consecutive stage integrates and transcends the comprehension of the previous one. With each step, you will get a closer and deeper understanding of your INNER SELF.

A Typical CLEARNESS® Immersion Experience

CLEARNESS® Immersion Retreat


  • Individual Session
    (Virtual 20 mins) with each participant to get familiar with the approach and the process of the upcoming retreat, and to mutually agree the program fit.
  • Initial Questionnaire
    to participants before starting, to self-assess the areas of impact.

5-20 participants
per session

2,5 days retreat
+ optional Follow-up

16:30Arrivals & lodging
18:30What are you REALLY looking for?
illusion and reality
Friction and Interference in everyday life
The two essential questions that activate your real liberation
22:30End of Day 1
8:00Expressive movement
10:30Suffering and the very nature of the seeker
The simple logic of human experience
16:30Origin and real cause of stress and insecurity
The unrevealed secret of Happiness, Peace, Plenitude, Freedom and Well-being
22:30End of Day 2
8:00Walking in nature
10:30Who am I? - Traversing the Seeker's Illusion
Uncovering the wheel of suffering and the wheel of happiness
Towards a life of greater fulfillment: personal life / impersonal life

Follow-up: Open line with subtractive coaching®


Authenticity awaits you on a family farm where you can disconnect from the rush of your daily life and reconnect with your innate well-being, innate capacity for self-leadership, and resilience. A transformative experience in an inspiring setting: enjoying a charming rural environment, healthy and tasty food, within the best circle of friends.

Trekking in the mountains, early morning “expressive movement” activities, and sharing insights will be part of the experience. The after-dinner reflection sessions are in an authentic Indian tipi, where we gather around an open fire and share insights.

"Wisdom tells me I am nothing, love tells me I am everything. Between the two, my life flows."

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj


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