Journey towards a life in fullness

What is Clearness?

CLEARNESS© is a transformation program based on a paradigm that brings you closer to a greater understanding of reality and, first of all, to a deep and essential knowledge of yourself. Allows you to achieve greater vitality, fullness and freedom unfolding in you, greater good, clarity and presence in your everyday life, both personally and professionally.

The experiencia CLEARNESS© consists of an educational journey that facilitates an accurate understanding of the human experience through four well-defined stages of understanding. These four phases or stages go through, sequentially, the points of view objective-scientific, subjective-psychological, built-experiential, illusory-identity that essentially and gradually describe the Vital experience. Each successive stage integrates and transcends the understanding of the previous one.

The mere understanding of the content proposed CLEARNESS© will establish you during longer in states of harmony, allowing your deeper capabilities are more available. You can go through obstacles, barriers and difficulties, as they arise, more easily and you will get increased ability to stay in FLOW states, what will allow you perform jobs and tasks with less effort and solve complex problems faster. further, you will be more awake and available in the interaction with other people in any environment and circumstance.

Somehow we try, naively, from “solve” life from a mental-rational position. It does not work. In CLEARNESS© we create a space in which the mind returns to its natural posture, shedding its conditioning. The perfume that emanates from that natural state is peace, clarity, happiness.

CLEARNESS©, definitely, puts you in a new internal position, a new base, from which to live, relate and act.

CLEARNESS© is based on understanding, extraction and simplification of the non-dualistic path of human experience (Vedanta Advaita and Neo-advaita), the vedantic and tantric pathways for the discernment of the nature of consciousness, los 3P de Sydney Banks, the mystical currents, philosophical and spiritual of the East (Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism) and in western personal development traditions such as traditional psychology, Gestalt humanistic psychology , psychoanalysis, phenomenology, el Enneagrama, the family systemic approach, personal and transpersonal or philosophical wisdom counseling. All these areas of knowledge shed their own light to understand and deepen our most intimate innate nature. The routes proposed in all programs CLEARNESS© are the result of an essential extraction and a deep understanding of the aforementioned pathways.

our programs CLEARNESS© are specified in workshops, retreats, coaching processes and experiences with a totally new didactic approach aimed at individuals and companies, structures, contents and rhythms carefully designed to achieve a natural and experiential integration of this teaching.

All the people who have participated in the CLEARNESS © retreats access, in greater or lesser intensity, to a greater internal freedom, greater lightness Y greater opening towards themselves and towards others.

“Find the peace that doesn't need to be practiced…because any peace that is simply a result of practice, will collapse under stress…”



Human experience is NON-DUAL.

To flourish

Living things are designed to thrive in the REAL.


The greater this understanding, the greater the CLARITY, the PRESENCE and the FULLNESS that unfolds.